For more information please contact:
Deputy Chief Rod Bjorvik
‚Äč(541) 593-8622
The station is staffed 24 hrs. per day with career personnel consisting of one shift officer, one engineer and one Firefighter/Paramedic augmented by up to six Reserve Firefighters.  In all there are eleven career staff comprised of the Fire Chief, Deputy Chief, three Line Captains, three Engineers, three Firefighter/Paramedics and up to twenty Reserve Firefighters.  Administrative functions are handled by one Office Manager.


Fire Conditions

Operations Division

The Sunriver Fire Department operates from one station located on Abbot Drive between circle 3 and circle 4. The fire station, built in 1995 is a 13,000 sq. ft., two level building.  It houses two ALS ambulances, two structural engines, one interface/heavy brush engine and one light brush engine.



Chief's Corner