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Fire Conditions

The Sunriver and City of Bend Fire Departments are currently seeking donations of motor vehicles, recreational vehicles, certain buses, delivery vehicles and travel trailers for use in training firefighters.
Firefighters routinely face a variety of calls for service involving motor vehicles. While in some cases, the incidents are fire related, there are many more instances of serious traffic collisions where drivers and passengers are put in jeopardy.

A firefighter's ability to effectively respond to these incidents safely, effectively and as timely as possible can be the difference between life and death, especially when dealing with trapped and/or injured occupants of the vehicle. Extricating persons from a crushed vehicle is a task that requires repetitive training, experience with various types of vehicles and practice under a variety of circumstances and factors.

For this type of valuable training to take place, vehicles must be cut open, pulled apart and assessed. Unfortunately, once the training is completed the vehicle cannot be used for future training, and another intact vehicle is needed. While fire departments can, at times, purchase older, used vehicles for this training, it can become very costly and significantly impact the limited training dollars necessary to prepare our firefighters for all emergencies they must respond to.

The Sunriver and Bend Fire Departments are requesting any vehicles that may be donated for these training exercises. The vehicle does not have to be operable, but should be in a condition that allows firefighters a realistic experience. These donations may be tax deductible and those donating will receive a donation letter from the department. All vehicles donated must have a clear title. The fire departments can arrange to have your inoperable vehicle picked up or coordinate other transportation.

To donate to the Sunriver Fire Department contact: Captain Don Willis (541) 593-8622. To donate to the Bend Fire Department contact: Deputy Chief of Training Mark Taylor (541) 322-6316.

Vehicle Donations